Prototyping, Invention & Creative Product Design for Your Projects.

Do you want to bring your product idea to market?

I can help you build your MVP, product test or prototype product quickly, efficiently and effectively so you can start getting usable data as soon as possible.

With a background in scientific research and a commercial career in software development I'm particularly well placed to help in projects which have scientific or engineering focus.

  • Scientific analysis, machine learning, data science & statistics
  • Biomedical Sciences, Immunology, Metabolism
  • Electronics, digital circuit design (including Arduino, Pi platforms)
  • Interfacing with existing technology, reverse engineering
  • 3D printing (available in house), 3d modeling, laser cutting
  • Software developer on Web, GUI, hardware, Scalable infrastructure (AWS)
  • Python, C programming

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Base rates are $175/hr or €150/hr.