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Asteroids with SAM Coupe people's heads

Blastamac is an asteroids clone I wrote using SCADS on the Sam Coupe. In place of asteroids it uses the heads of people from the SAM scene -- with photos taken from the previous SAM & Spectrum show in Gloucester. The name Blastamac is because one of the heads is Colin MacDonald (the original editor of FRED disk magazine). One of the heads (a "UFO") shoots back, to add a bit more of a challenge.

Like all my SCADs games it is painfully slow. Oh well.

Blastamac appeared on FRED 60 Blastamac appeared on FRED 60

I seem to have had multiple ideas for names, internally it's called "Sam Show-teroids" but the background says "Blast-A-Mac & More" which was the name used on FRED.


Sam Show-teroids

Well I call it 'Space Chowder'. Howdy, this little, gamette (or gametta) is a redo of the famous old game Blasteroids.

So whats new? Well instead of shooting rocks you instead shoot heads of various Sam bods. And thats not all, also there are loads of lovely options for you to customise the game to your liking.

Also when you reach the third level UFO's in the guise of a head start arriving and shooting at you. These are also completely customisable. So dont hang up you space suit just yet! No, instead stick on you space socks, space shoes, space shirt, space suit, space tie. Now, you may have forgotton your underwear & trousers, but theres a universe to save, so forget it, and get out there and show them what your made of (if they dare look that is).

Over the page [Press A Key] there isn't this page.

Controls.. I've often said that the controls are important and this is no exception, however if you send £10 to me I let you off and let you play without the controls.. They are - Cursor Up ^ Cursor Left <--- ---> Cursor Right Space = Shield Up (Release drops shield) CNTRL = Fire (hold down for continuous fire)

To slow down simply thrust in the opposite direction, also turning off your SAM will stop you ship dead, kill all enimies, wipe your score, wipe the game and maybe even the windows.

Aha another page follows....

Available in your area now, as if they never were -

SAFARI SAM £5.50 - Platform game with 3 levels, loads of collectables and things to shoot. Varying difficulty levels, and other options along with some nice converted PC Graphics.

Enough to keep you occupied for a while. METROPOLIS GAMES 1 & 2 - A small selection (2 games per disk) of mini games at £1.50 per disk

  • FIRE - Platform Puzzle action, platform shoot 'em up action and shooting gallery type thingy
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  • COLENE - Tank game for two players, collect up the power ups and then take it out on your opponent, great way to annoy your friends.

  • LACUNA - Two level, two player space shooty

All these are available from SAM PD / F9 Software

Er, is anybody reading this? Any comments on this, and any of our other games can be sent to this address - METROPOLIS SOFTWARE (...) Also, we're always looking out for new programmers/coders & artists



In FRED 69 Mark Steele wrote in to ask

Going back a while to issue 60, a game called Blastamac appeared containing pictures of the SAM "guys" and after playing it for ages I discovered this picture of a bloke who looks like Martin Clunes from Men Behaving Badly. Who on earth is he? (If you say Martin Clunes then I lose a fiver so please don't).

Colin Anderton guessed it was MacDonald himself

Blastamac contained smaller versions of the people photographed at a SAM show and put on FRED. As far as I remember, Martin Clunes wasn't at that show. Martin Clunes? Big ears, big lips. Sounds like Macdonald to me. Apart from that, pass.

In the game one of the character's heads shoots at you. I had planned this to be Colin MacDonald, but I couldn't find any pictures of him with his head sideways -- I wanted the bullets to come out of the "mouth" -- so used someone else's photo.

At the next Gloucester I met the person who's photo I used for the shooting head, who unfortunately thought I'd deliberately picked them as an insult. Oops.

There is a bug in the menu when toggling the sound it displays a debug print message that flickers in the top left.

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Source Code

   20 POKE 400000,text$
   25 POKE 32768,music$: CALL 32768
   30 CLEAR 65535: OPEN TO 3: LET MCODE=&14000: LET SCR2=&23000: MODE 4: DEF KEYCODE 193,"MODE 3:CLS#": DEF KEYCODE 192,"~:": LET A= UDG "~": FOR I=A TO A+7: READ B: POKE I,B: NEXT I: DATA 62,62,62,62,62,62,62,0: IF PEEK (&511F)=192 THEN GO TO MEM512: ELSE GO TO MEM256
   40 LABEL {20}{1}MEM512{20}{1}{20}{0}
   50 LET FLAG=0: LET SCR1=&83000: LET ms=30: FOR I=&5103 TO &511C: IF PEEK (I) <> 0 THEN LET FLAG=99
   60 NEXT I: FOR I=&5108 TO &511C: POKE I,&F0: NEXT I: GO TO NEXT_PART
   70 LABEL {20}{1}MEM256{20}{0}
   80 LET FLAG=0: LET SCR1=&43000: LET ms=14: FOR I=&5103 TO &510C: IF PEEK (I) <> 0 THEN LET FLAG=99
   90 NEXT I: FOR I=&5108 TO &510C: POKE I,&F0: NEXT I: GO TO NEXT_PART
  100 LABEL {20}{1}NEXT_PART{20}{0}
  120 ~INIT: LOAD "game"
  130 DEF PROC disp
  150 MODE 4: CSIZE 8,8
  155 FOR a=1 TO 15: PALETTE a,0: NEXT a
  156 LOAD "opt.$"  CODE
  180 fade 0:getkey: SOUND 28,0:fade 1: IF a$="1" THEN END PROC
  190 SOUND 28,0: CLS : MODE 3: CSIZE 8,8
  195 PALETTE 3,0: PEN 3
  210 PRINT MEM$ (400064 TO 401471):fadet 0:getkey: SOUND 28,0:fadet 1: CLS
  220 PRINT MEM$ (401535 TO 402942):fadet 0:getkey: SOUND 28,0:fadet 1: CLS
  230 PRINT MEM$ (403136 TO 404530):fadet 0:getkey: SOUND 28,0:fadet 1: CLS
  240 PRINT MEM$ (404544 TO 405929):fadet 0:getkey: SOUND 28,0:fadet 1: CLS
  251 PRINT AT 5,0;"-Except for this bit....{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}{6}Programming, Graphics, Sound FX - Martin Fitzpatrick"
  252 PRINT : PRINT "Musical Ditty - Rik ""Dont Pay Any More Mrs"" Moore"
  253 PRINT : PRINT : PRINT "Indeed, a wonder of the industrial age."
  254 fadet 0:getkey: SOUND 28,0:fadet 1
  255 GO TO 150
  260 END PROC
  270 DEF PROC getkey
  280 DO
  290 CALL 32774: PAUSE 1
  300 LET a$= INKEY$
  310 LOOP UNTIL a$ <> ""
  320 END PROC
  330 DEF PROC fade d
  340 RESTORE 400+d
  350 IF d=0 THEN FOR a=0 TO 15
  355 IF d=1 THEN FOR a=15 TO 0 STEP -1
  370 READ col
  375 IF d=0 THEN FOR b=a TO 15
  376 IF d=1 THEN FOR b=15 TO a STEP -1
  380 PALETTE b,col
  385 NEXT b
  390 NEXT a
  395 END PROC
  400 DATA 0,0,8,8,5,7,13,15,82,112,90,120,117,119,125,127
  401 DATA 127,125,119,117,120,90,112,82,15,13,7,5,8,8,0,0
  500 DEF PROC fadet d
  505 RESTORE 400+d
  510 FOR a=0 TO 15
  520 READ b
  530 PAUSE 1: PALETTE 3,b
  540 NEXT a
  550 END PROC